Filmdrunk 89: Oscars, Hot Goss w/Ashley Burns, Inside Indie with Leslie Small

This week, we have comedian Leslie Small as our in Frotquarters guest, we get some more Hot Goss from Burnsy, we review the Oscars, listen to The Dictator spill ashes on Seacrest, play some Tracy Morgan from Totally Awesome, review the DANGER ZONES associated with Linsanity, and get very Inside Indie with Leslie.

    00:01:15 – Special guest Leslie Small is introduced. Vince got gleefully drunk by himself playing the FilmDrunk Oscar Drinking Game. Emmy Award winning Lights Camera Jackson appeared on Leno to discuss the Oscars. Brendan makes his acceptance speech for the Frotty Lifetime Achievement Award.
    00:13:00 – The clip of The Dictator spilling Kim Jong Il’s ashes all over Ryan Seacrest gets played. This leads to a discussion about improvisors reading from material or being let loose. The outtakes of Tracy Morgan from Totally Awesome is an example. A Kenyan listener calls in to talk about the Jar Jar Binks old slave vibe.
    00:25:11 – Hot Goss with Ashley Burns: now with sponsors. Burnsy gives us some of the juicy gossip from Oscar Weekend: Gabourey Sidibe’s favorite Girl Scout cookie, Demi Lovato is a birthmark chaser, Omar Epps and Robin Givens are working on a hip hopera, Davey Jones’ new t-shirt line, and a Whitney Houston tribute album is in the works.
    00:46:10 – Oderus Urungus of Gwar voices his opinion on the political campaign. The Asian American Journalists Association sent out a press release of Danger Zones when writing about Linsanity. Vince plays a clip from his search for the perfect judge show.
    01:12:00 – The guys get to know Leslie. There is some talk about open mics at laundro mats. Leslie headlines the new segment Inside Indie where you can about all the new underground bands.

Drunk On! – Adam

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