Filmdrunk 88: “Hot Goss” with Burnsy, Laremy’s Oscar preview

This week we introduce a new segment: Hot Goss with Ashley Burns. We also bring Laremy Legel from on, who tells us all of his Oscar lead pipe locks. Ben tells us his favorite parts of all the Oscar movies he didn’t see, we play Frotcast Voicemail Grab Bag, discuss the Big Lebowski Party, Vince’s Dad, The FP premiere, and of course other nonsense.

    00:01:33 – This past weekend the guys attended a Big Lebowski party with Vince’s dad in character as the Dude. Brendan witnessed someone dressed as Walter maintaining order of the bathroom line, as well as another Dude carrying a rug. The FP screening and Q&A that Vince hosted is also discussed.
    00:14:00 – Hot Goss with Ashley Burns: Burnsy brings all the hot new gossip out of Hollywood from New York basketball sensation Jeremy Lin’s date to the Oscars, Dakota Fanning’s warning to Meryl Streep, Chloe Moretz’s driving lessons, Octavia Spencer’s feud with Emma Stone, and a shocker about Nicole Kidman. Ben, Brendan, and Bret talk about staging a coup and taking over the Frotcast.
    00:34:13 – Frotcast Voicemail Grab Bag is played. Vince brings back What’s up with the Internet to play a new song by J-Bo OMG entitled Deep Throat.
    00:38:07 – Laremy gets blooped in to talk Oscars, especially for those looking to make wagers. He goes over his best bets to make money, as well as his lock picks for the top categories. The discussion veers off to George Clooney f*cking with Andy Serkis, bumbaclot Jar Jar Binks, and other tangents.
    01:18:00 – Ben gives us his favorite moments from some of the Oscar nominated flicks, such as a dubstep club, an underwater gangbang, the Beatles, a swan dive, and anthropomorphic plant life.

Be sure to check out Vince at the Hollywood Improv on March 17th, and possibly some other dates in LA.

Drunk on! – Adam

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