Filmdrunk 86: James Adomian, Talking Chronicle with Laremy

This week we get a call from Dov Charney of American Apparel, bloop in Laremy, play some funny news clips, play listener voice mails, discuss Chronicle and We Need to Talk About Kevin, and as always other jackassery ensues…and Bret does his first impression. DANGER!

    00:03:30 – Some listener voicemails are played, one with a question for Vin/Ben(?) about a boomerang wiener, and the other about how The Big Bang Theory makes fun of nerds for being smart. We get a brief origin story of Street Law dating back to Brendan’s high school, and Tosh.0‘s own Street Court.
    00:18:18 – Dov Charney calls in to talk about American Apparel’s sponsorship of the Valentine’s Day show at the Milk Bar, where Vince will be performing. Dov will be in town scouting and sedating all the sexy SF hipsters for modeling gigs.
    00:32:42 – Laremy joins the Frotcast. Vince plays some clips of Werner Herzog talking about chickens, a new kind of Russian opera, and the trailer for Zombie Ass: Toilet for the Dead.
    00:46:50 – Vince, Laremy, and Bret talk Chronicle. While the found footage gimmick has lost its luster, the film does a good job representing high school life and what teenagers would really do if they had super powers. This leads to a talk of sex and their own teenaged minds. There is also some discussion about Disney animations versus Looney Tunes.
    01:14:55 – Vince talks about working in the kitchen of a Chinese restaurant, and how to get a job in the service industry. Laremy brings up a topic that gets Vince to talk about his nemesis in the SF film critics circle. Brendan has just gotten back from his trip to NY, where he got heckled at the Giants’ Super Bowl parade.
    01:32:00 – Vince needs to talk to about We Need to Talk about Kevin with Laremy.

DRUNK ON! – Adam

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