Filmdrunk 85: SB Nation’s Matt Ufford argues TV, Moneyball

This week Matt Ufford returns to the Frotcast to talk about his new assignments, Money Ball, TV, read from Brendan’s bible- the History of Farts, recount mushroom adventures, and introduce a new segment called “What’s up with the Internet?”

    00:05:30 – The guys discuss the conflict of stopping a thief, either it be a shoplifter or one who has snatched personal property. A German man tries to comprehend the term party pooper.
    00:16:25 – Matt Ufford, formerly of Warming Glow and now the talent for SBNation, talks about some upcoming assignments such as the Westminster Dog Show and the US Curling Championships. Vince introduces “What’s up with the Internet?” with clips involving TMZ photographers, donkey semen, and cheesy potatoes. Blogger hygiene and sharting are brought up, as well as Vince’s Sam Rockwell sighting.
    00:51:50 – Time for some TV talk with Matt where Justified and Sons of Anarchy get discussed. Vince has a hang up with the mocumentary format of some current comedy shows, and rants about The Big Bang Theory.
    01:06:00 – Vince and Matt disagree about Moneyball. Aaron Sorkin’s heavy handedness comes up comparing both Moneyball and Social Network, which leads to a discussion about MySpace. The guys talk about the Ferris Bueller Super Bowl commercial, and how nostalgia, commercialism, and the internet are ruining everything.
    01:32:12 – Brendan reads a limerick from The History of Farts, and the guys play another koi call from a listener.

Check out Vince this Friday in Davis at the Comedy House, and be on the lookout in March for SBNation’s Youtube channel launch with Matt Ufford.

DRUNK ON! – Adam

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