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Frotcast 420: A Very Sugar Ray Breakup, With Jason Webb And Chase McNeil

That’s right, we’ve reached 420 Frotcasts! Almost as nice as when we hit 69. Sadly Matt has more than a decade sober and I could not convince him to get “hella baked, bro” in honor of this arbitrary milestone. What we do have for you is an action-packed episode featuring everyone’s favorite Southerner, Jason Webb, and fresh-faced Frotcast virgin Chase McNeil. That’s the Frotcast for you, full of farts and in your hearts.

This week we’re discussing how the gig economy has finally come to the world of (psuedo?) celebrity. Can you guess how much it costs to get Sugar Ray frontman Mark McGrath to break up with your boyfriend for you? It’s less than you think! We also talk about how you have to go see the Sonic the Hedgehog movie now to reward the studio for spending millions to appease the fans. Matt got to see the downsides of being a huge star like Michael Rapaport when he opened for Rap this weekend, and later he tells us how he hates his job and spends at least 10 minutes trying to get fired. We get a late start on Hunter Biden being the greatest failson of all time, and Donald Trump helps us win the war on Thanksgiving.

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