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Frotcast Bonus: Zeke Faux Talks ‘Number Go Up,’ Crypto Scams, Fake Texts, and What SBF Eats

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Here’s a bonus pod for your eager snouts, Vince interviews financial journalist Zeke Faux about his book, Number Go Up: Inside Crypto’s Wild Rise and Staggering Fall. It’s a fascinating read containing a number of surprising revelations, like that all those fake text messages you get every day are part of a billion dollar scam carried out by human trafficking victims in Cambodia, which arguably wouldn’t exist without crypto (I’ve written an explainer all about that part, which you can read here). Of course, there are also way more anecdotes than could ever fit in an article, which was why a podcast made perfect sense. I picked Zeke’s brain about all the stuff Sam Bankman-Fried ate, how a former child actor with connections to a pedophile ring was central to the establishment of crypto currency, and in what ways crypto guys are similar to Juggalos. Hope you enjoy, buy the book, subscribe to all the things and you’re welcome for the extra slop.