Teaser – Frotcast 576: Tracy Keith’s I Love This Fast Car & Grill, with Alison Stevenson

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Description: Alison Stevenson, comedian and Thick Strip impresario (comediENNE and impresARIA??) joins the podcast this week to talk about Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car” being suddenly cool again, and we mourn the death of Toby Keith, and along with him the George W Bush era, which was maybe an even crappier era than the current one. Holy crap, I just realized George W. Bush was president when I started blogging, I’m circling the freakin’ drain over here. We also discuss Peter Thiel financing the “Enhanced Olympics,” an Olympics for steroid users which compares PED users to historically oppressed classes. It’s a great show!

Also, go see Matt at the Sacramento Punchline on March 17th, and check out Alison’s strip show on Valentine’s Day at the Morroccan Lounge in LA. frotcast@gmail.com, 415 275 0030