[UNLOCKED] Frotcast 492 – Pete Davidson Did 911 with Dan Ozzi

Here is some unlocked content from our Patreon! Last week’s interview with Dan Ozzi plus a prolonged discussion about Pete Davidson’s magic dick.


It’s time for your weekly pour of content slop from your favorite podcast The Filmdrunk Frotcast. This week, Matt and Vince welcome Dan Ozzi back to the pod. Last time you heard from Dan, he was writing a book about pop punk rock in the 90’s and now he is making his triumphant return to talk about his BRAND NEW BOOK “Sellout: The Major Label Feeding Frenzy That Swept Punk, Emo, and Hardcore (1994-2007)” which you can purchase here at https://www.danozzi.com/books We talk about punk rock, Papa John, Pete Davidson’s magic dick, and how Machine Gun Kelly looks like he loves turtles. Enjoy!