363: Last Of The Millennial Elite, With Francesca Fiorentini

This week on the Frotcast, Francesca Fiorentini from AJ+/Newsbroke joins, along with comedian Kollin Holtz, sitting in with Vince, Brendan, and Matt Lieb. The plan was to talk Last of the Mohicans, but we had a healthy dose of current events ridiculousness to get through first, like the Powder Mountain, the only private ski mountain catering exclusively to assholes. We also talk the Seth Rich conspiracy theorist almost getting murdered by his own employee while checking a dead drop with his dachsund. There’s also a Neo Nazi love triangle story foiled by being too fat for a box, and the ballad of Timmy Thick. Enjoy and Frot on, donate at Patreon dot com slash Frotcast.


3:00 – Brendan gets into a heated argument with a child

8:00 – Learning all about Powder Mountain, the private ski resort for “the millennial elite”

21:30 – Francesca describes finding out Matt had pleasured himself in her bed while she was gone via the Frotcast

37:33 – The incredible story of two right-wing conspiracy dudes nearly murdering each other.

1:07:16 – The incredible Neo-Nazi love triangle that eventually fell apart like a box under a fat guy’s feet.

1:18:00 – Trying to unravel the mystery of Timmy Thick.

1:24:00 – Talking Last Of The Mohicans