352: Matt Lauer: Infinity Wars, feat. Laremy

This week, former Film.com head critic Laremy Legel joins us to talk about the curious phenomenon of trailer reaction videos — specifically as it relates to Avengers: Infinity Wars — and, because it’s inescapable, the latest round of sexual harassment firings. We go deep on Matt Lauer interviews to see if there were red flags we should’ve seen all along. We have a Tales From NPR, answer your emails, and even digress into football. Enjoy, and Frot on! Donate at Patreon dot com slash Frotcast. 

2:15 – Kevin Smith cries about the new Avengers trailer

21:00 – This week in sexual harasser scandals!

25:00 – Keith Olbermann and the curious phenomenon of “smug elevator pictures”

31:50 – Matt Lauer’s super gross Anne Hathaway interview

41:00 Garrison Keillor

51:00 – Tales from NPR