344: Bodega, Ted Cruz And Charlie Sheen’s Respective 9/11s

Matt Lieb and Joey Avery are in the Frotquarters this week, to discuss the “new” Bodega app, the Charlie Sheen ‘9/11’ movie, and of course, Ted Cruz cranking his hog. There’s also San Francisco’s “hip hop themed cookie dough kiosk,” and the return of “millennial comedian”/fascinating sociopath Dan Nainan. We also do a call-in with Frotcast Hurricane Correspondent Ashley Burns, who gives us a first-hand account of his brush with Hurricane Irma, and the five racist signs you meet in Florida. It’s a double episode loaded with #Content! Enjoy, frot on, and donate at patreon.com/frotcast.

1:30 – Ted Cruz cranking his hog
4:39 – Discussing BODEGA, the start up that’s going to make mom-and-pop stores obsolute by re-inventing the vending machine.
11:13 – This week’s first character, Chapstick Robot
17:34 – Far worse than Bodega, it’s Doughp, San Francisco’s hip hop cookie dough shop.
28:10 – I’m leaving Chicago
46:33 – Discussing Charlie Sheen’s ‘9/11,
59:00 – Hurricane Correspondent Ashley Burns with his first-hand report on Florida livin’.
1:12:40 – The return of “Millennial Comedian” Dan Nainan!
1:40:11 – Matt Lieb’s advice for a listener trying to get a brother to quit heroin.