338: Millennials Watch The Untouchables

This week on the Frotcast, we take advantage of our all-millennial panel (comedians Matt Lieb, Joey Avery, and Kollin Holtz) to introduce them to the critically-acclaimed 1980s classic, The Untouchables. Will they love it?! Before we get to that, we discuss Game of Thrones on Chemo Couch Time with Ben, and answer your emails. Email us at frotcast@gmail.com, donate at Patreon.com/frotcast. Frot on!

6:58 – Discussing Rooney Mara never having eaten pie before prior to A Ghost Story
18:47 – Chemo Couch Time With Ben! Ben gives us his thoughts on all the shows he’s been watching while laid up on chemo.
24:29 – Game Of Thrones, and the bad take that the appeal is “liberals secretly longing for monarchy”
43:00 – Matt Lieb explains how to do heroin (again)
1:01:18 – The Untouchables
1:27:00 – Answering your emails