Frotcast 335: Demetri Martin, Wonder Woman, The Mummy

I interview Demetri Martin. “Sexist” Wonder Woman reviews? The Mummy, and the rise of the “shared universe.” Tom Cruise’s ageless asexuality. Is the Babadook gay?Your email questions. Your panel includes Vince Mancini from FilmDrunk/Uproxx, co-host Brendan, and comedians Matt Lieb and Allison Mick. Donate at!

Intro – Is Wonder Woman a Zionist?
5:33 – Edelstein’s Wonder Woman review: deserved dragging or unfair?
10:15 – American Gods/We imagine what different celebrities’ dicks might look like
12:00 – The Mummy, and how it made Wonder Woman look that much more groundbreaking.
22:30 – Demetri Martin talks about his new film ‘Dean,’ starting out as a stand up, and more.
59:21 – The ouvre of Tom Cruise