Frotcast 331: Alan Sepinwall, Peak TV, and Peak Conspiracy

This week on the Frot, I chat with TV critic Alan Sepinwall about Breaking Bad and Peak TV, and we talk about Alex Jones and the Berkeley bike lock bandit conspiracy (or not). We also talk Veep, Silicon Valley’s Papa Roach joke, and The Leftovers. Panel includes Matt Lieb from AJ+, Brendan, and comedian Jane Harrison, who had her first lesbian experience this past week and is now a squirting truther. Hooray! Enjoy and Frot on! Donate at Patreon dot com slash Frotcast. Produced by Vince Mancini. 

1:11 – Jane immediately derails the show with her lesbian experience.
5:55 – We talk about Alex Jones and his Chobani lawsuit with former Chobani spokes person Matt Lieb.
10:44 – A brief appearance by El Chapo
13:00 – Talkin’ TV with Alan Sepinwall
38:00 – Talkin The Leftovers
44:33 – We play the Leftovers-inspired “F, Marry, Depart” with right wing news personalities.
56:26 – We segue from 9/11 trutherism into Jane becoming a squirting truther.
1:01:10 – The Silicon Valley Papa Roach joke, and was it just a magnificent coincidence?
1:11:55 – Emails! Specifically, a question about the Berkeley bike lock attack guy.