Live From Sundance, With Jeff Bayer And Dan Mecca, Plus Interviews With Jack Black, Brett Gelman

This week we have a special edition Frotcast, recorded at the Sundance Film Festival, in which I, Vince Mancini, am joined by Jeff Bayer from Movie BS, with Bayer and Snider, and Dan Mecca, from The Film Stage. We chat about the Oscars and about Sundance — namely, what’s it like when 100,000 assholes from the coast cram into a tiny mountain town for a week? After that, I have some excerpts from my interviews with Jack Black, who stars in The Polka King, and Brett Gelman, who stars in Lemon. Back to regular Frotcasting next week!

4:00 – Are we good with Mel Gibson now? Is all forgiven?
9:30 – We rate the free food and hors d’ouvres we gorged on at after parties for movies we may or may not have seen.
14:30 – Our bus encounter with David Arquette
36:00 – Jack Black interview
50:15 – Brett Gelman interview