Frotcast 311: The Ballad Of Ken Bone (With Matt Lieb & Joe Sinclitico)

This week on the Frotcast, we decided to talk about Ken Bone. His story seems emblematic of some of the worst of the internet, where we decide you’re a certain thing one day and celebrate you for it, and then the next day try to destroy for not being that thing we decided you were good enough. This leads us into So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed, Justine Sacco, and Melissa Villaseñor. After that we talk some Westworld, diverge into “grab that pussy”-gate, and finish off discussing the Amanda Knox documentary on Netflix. This week’s Frotcrew includes Brendan, Flophouse comedian Matt Lieb, and Joe Sinclitico from Adam Devine’s House Party. Enjoy, and Frot responsibly. 

Intro – Be warned, Matt brought his slide guitar this week. 
23:00 – Talking Jon Ronson’s ‘So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed’ and Justine Sacco.
41:40 – Justine Sacco gets us to talking about Melissa Villaseñor’s “problematic tweets” controversy.
54:50 – Brendan has some fire takes about Westworld 
1:10:21 – Talking “Grab That Pussy”-gate and whether we have some kind of grab that pussy moment. 
1:29:00 – Discussing the Amanda Knox Netflix doc and wanting to punch Nick Pisa.