Frotcast 299: Is Ghostbusters A Net Good? Plus Tales From NPR, Crystal Corner

You’re either with Paul Feig’s new Ghostbusters or you’re with the misogynists, or so the internet has decreed, which is at least mildly annoying to those of us who don’t really care about a big budget reboot either way. It feels wrong to divert activism energy towards a ghost movie. I mean, where were the people crowing about proving the misogynists wrong during the release of Maggie’s Plan (insert other movie written and directed by a woman here)? But then people share pictures of smiling little girls at the premiere and you have to concede they have a point. I mean, those little girls probably weren’t going to show up to Maggie’s Plan. And Hollywood was going to make dumb reboots anyway, right? Maybe this one will at least be a “net good,” even if you don’t particularly care to argue with some dumb neckbeard? That’s my question to the Frotcrew this week (Me – Vince Mancini, Matt Lieb, Bret, and Brendan), though we also talk the most NPR thing we’ve ever heard (Tales From NPR), a 14-year-old’s woke slam poem, Crystal Corner, and of course, force Matt Lieb to sing fully-improvised royalty free songs. Enjoy and frot on.

00:00 – Ghostbusters (also Preacher, Matt’s tuna sandwich)
15:20 – Lebowski fest, and encounters with the real-life Dude, Jeff Dowd.
24:03 – Tales From NPR. 
37:49 – Wokest slam poem
52:20 – Fully improvised royalty-free music jams with Matt.
1:09:31 – Crystal Corner
1:23:00 – Bret introduces us to ASMR, which is Bret’s quicksand porn, basically.
1:30:00 – Your emails.