269: Project Greenlight, Ben Carson Campaign Songs, Joe Sinclitico’s Indie Movie

We’re back! This week, we listen to Ben Carson’s campaign songs (country AND rap), go down the Todd Starnes rabbit hole, discuss Project Greenlight and The Leisure Class, and comedian Joe Sinclitico joins to discuss his own experience making independent film. Vince Mancini, comedian Matt Lieb, and co-host Bret are all in studio.

00:00 – We decide Bret looks like either a ’20s stockbroker who’s been in an opium den for weeks or Howard Hughes, which leads us to a discussion of our favorite Scorsese movies.

14:00 – We listen to Ben Carson’s incredible new campaign songs and his beliefs about Joseph building the Egyptian Pyramids. Matt Lieb turns Ben Carson’s campaign song into “Uptown Girl.”

25:00 – We discover Fox News contributor Todd Starnes, aka Mama’s Little Piss Boy. We read excerpts from his books, God Less and ‘They Popped My Hood And Found Gravy On The Dipstick.’ I swear to God that’s a real book (with foreward by Mike Huckabee).

35:40 – Joe Sinclitico joins via Skype. He tells a story about his friend running into Roz from Game of Thrones at Astro Burger.

50:00 – We discuss Project Greenlight and the Project Greenlight movie, The Leisure Class. Whose fault is it that it’s so bad?

1:16:00 – Joe tells us about his experience starring in a micro budget feature in El Paso, and we read your emails. Enjoy!