229: Bad Turn Worse Directors Simon and Zeke Hawkins

It’s just Bret and I on this week’s podcast, so plenty of room for nihilism and self-loathing. We open discussing Bret catching up with the stuff that’s “all that” in pop-culture, like Adult Swim’s Too Many Cooks and the Serial podcast. We discuss Serial and whether we think Adnan is guilty, and whether it’s all going to end with everyone horribly disappointed. At 25 minutes in, we bring on directors Simon and Zeke Hawkins of Bad Turn Worse, which opens today. They tell us about their favorite Texas crime movies, Jim Thompson, their screenwriter’s many pseudonyms, and then we talk famous filmmaking siblings. Turns out the Hawkinses got mad beef with the Duplass Brothers. The interview lasts until 53 minutes, at which point we talk about genre films, Kim Kardashian’s butt, and our favorite Christopher Nolan and Farrelly Brothers movies. Boom