219: The Great Celebrity Nudes Leak Of 2014( (The Fappening)

This week on the Frotcast, Matt Lieb, Bret, and Brendan are live with Vince in the Frotquarters (plus Laremy Legel on Skype) for a Frotcast about the great celebrity nude leak of 2014, aka The Fappening. We talk about the impulse to take nudes, as well as the impulse to criticize people when bad things happen to them. As usual, Bret thinks he can trace the cognitive roots of these impulses in his newly-named, Disturbed-inspired segment, “Down With The Thinkness.”
Before we get to that, we open the show with more of Lieb’s exuberant quotings from Red Dragon, some discussion of ‘The Trip’ and ‘The Trip To Italy’ (on the subject of Michael Caine impressions) and Schnitzel Bob’s incredible Matt Lieb fan-fiction. Matt Lieb talks about hanging with Jeff Ross, and the advice he gets from comedians he has to open for in general, including a great story about a friend of Gabriel Iglesias getting in a fist fight with an audience member in San Jose. 
At about 30 minutes, we bring Laremy on. He reads us an awesome new list, and we talk about The Fappening. There’s plenty to chew on there, and that occupies us until we get to your email questions. Enjoy!