Frotcast 174: Vince, Bret and Burnsy

What is up Frotcast Fans, 

It is your favorite cancer patient Ben. Unfortunately, I did not join the crew for this Frotcast. The chemo has me feeling pretty crappy. Fear not- Vince, Bret and Burnsy held it down. Also- I am getting through this chemo crap, just not the most fun thing I have ever done. Thank you all for the support, kind words and concern. The internet love warms this cold Jew’s heart (with flakes of gold). 

I hope to return next week. Until then, enjoy this week’s show. I am not quite sure what happened except that Vince blooped in Burnsy and Bret. Brendan was busy buying a house with a bidet in it. 

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As always- Frot On and Frotstrong,