Frotcast 159: Dog Shootings, The Lone Ranger

This week on the Frotcast, we welcome two of my favorite San Francisco comedians, Matt Lieb and Pam Benjamin, two folks who are both hilarious and total open books. Pam tells us about all the sex she’s been having, and we wonder what girls’ deal is, and why they be crazy and why women be shoppin’ etc. We talk about the infamous video of the Hawthorne police shooting the guy’s dog and how GODDAMN MAD THAT STORY MAKES ME. UGH. Then we bloop in Laremy Legel of via Skype, who tells us all about The Lone Ranger and how terrible it was. Bret saw Man of Steel, so we discuss that. Then we talk about a lot of stuff and sh*t gets super duper real. Super.

Those Hawthorne cops can go die.