Filmdrunk 140: Jason Dove

This week we bring back Frocast favorite Jason Dove. We discuss conspiracy theories, read emails, Jason Dove regales us with celebrity stories (including Grenier’s band), and other standard jackassery.

Drunk on.

    00:00:00 – For this week’s Frotcast, Bret has been replaced with recurring guest Jason Dove. The guys get an email asking them about the grossest drink they’ve ever had. Jesse Ventura pops in, Jason shares a story involving Luke Skywalker, ¬†Brendan goes after the NCAA, and Vince plays a clip with the screenwriter of Identity Thief. The guys also discuss the love/hate dichotomy involving Nickelback, Creed, and Guy Fieri.
    00:35:35 – Jason gets into some new conspiracies, such as the recent Sandy Hook incident. He also talks about the government running drills, and how he witnessed a fake SARS outbreak. Secret societies, like the Illumanity, and 9/11 get brought up.
    01:05:32 – Jason has some more celebrity stories involving musicians: Adrian Grenier and David Lee Roth. The guys talk about the muscle memory of drunk guitarists and Metalocalypse. Vince shares a story about two drunk Australian hecklers at an open mic.
    01:31: 45 – The guys talk sports, as in sports films. They go over some of their favorite sports films, as well as their favorite sports comedies and sports chick flicks, and try to figure out their pick for worst sports film. Brendan and Vince both have stories about getting sent to principal’s office.
    01:50:30 – The Frotcast finishes off with some more conspiracy theory talk.

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