Filmdrunk 137: National Film Society

This week we have the guys from National Film Society on to talk about their webseries, their upcoming Awesome Asian Bad Guys series, Oscars and more. We listen to voicemails, read listener emails, hear an awesome Christian Bale impression, and other Frotcastery. Frot on!

    00:02:08 – The Frotcast starts off with some listener emails and voicemails involving Lasagna Hog, Bret getting love from a female listener, sharting, and Chareth Cutestory sharing an embarrassing story. The guys also talk about hipster grits, Edgar Allen Poe porn titles, cool guy boners, the Entourage movie, and Nikki Finke. Ben has a haunting experience at work, and Vince plays some clips from a band that all their songs are about dick.
    00:28:18 – The guys listen to a “behind the scenes” clip featuring Christian Bale and Morgan Freeman impersonations. Ben talks about iBrain, and Vince plays a snippet of Patton Oswalt from the Adam Carolla podcast.
    00:33:54 – Stephen and Patrick from The National Film Society join the Frotcast to talk about how they got started on Youtube and how PBS got involved. There is some talk about Downton Abbey, and their new project, Awesome Asian Bad Guys. Vince wonders what was the cause for the 80’s Asian phobia, and Ben is buying champagne corks online. Stephen and Patrick get into their own National Film Society Awards, and share their thoughts on the Oscars and awards shows in general.
    01:15:33 – Vince finally learns what to do with his hands in case he’ ever finds himself in front of a green screen again. The guys talk about Vanity Fair’s oral history of Pulp Fiction article, The Fifth Element, Jason London pooping himself, and Vince’s issues with Dazed and Confused. Vince finishes things off with a story about getting a check-up for his butt.

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