Filmdrunk 135: Alison Stevenson

This week on the Frotcast we talk about the Golden Globes (and listen to Jodie Foster’s speech), we bring on one of our favorite comedians Alison Stevenson who shares some awesome stories and her thoughts on Killer Joe, we talk briefly about Judge Dredd, and other standard Frotcast jackassery ensues. Frot on!

    00:02:30 – The guys start of the Frotcast with a discussion about video game pricing for your smart phones and tablets. A new feature is created: Things Ben Hasn’t Ruined. Vince plays a clip of Armond White calling Samuel L. Jackson an Uncle Tom based on his film roles, which leads to some talk about Django Unchained and Luther Campbell calling out Spike Lee. They also talk about movie critics, envision the interactions between Quentin Tarantino and the Coke Wizard, and Brendan gives his reasons for not caring about award shows.
    00:26:20 – Vince plays Jodi Foster’s incoherent, Aaron Sorkin-esque speech at the Golden Globes. The guys get into how the lack of human interaction can affect one’s conversational habits, and how their parents’ generation is not adept to processing the amount of information that comes their ways these days. Something about 8-foot tall vikings.
    00:44:30 – Alison Stevenson joins the Frotcast and follows up a FilmDrunk post from November with a background story. Vince shares a embarrassing story about a friend. Brendan saw Youth in Revolt which leads the group to talk about pretentious girls and Bret trapping a girl. Alison and Vince discuss Killer Joe, and might have convinced Bret and Ben to see it. Alison gets confused about merkins, and Vince shares an interaction he had in the elevator.
    01:04:40 – The Frotcast gets some questions from listeners. One guy has a question about a woman he’s been hanging out with who has a boyfriend on the other side of the country. Alison gets a Life of Pi scenario question The gang discuss Michael Crichton books and their terrible film adaptations. Brendan has a deep thought about Black Knight.
    01:26:35 – Ben and Bret both saw Judge Dredd, which they both enjoyed, but Bret thinks he could have made a better version. Alison talks about moving back to LA. An aspiring comedian asks for advice on how to get more audience members to shows. Vince talks about his condom slippers, and we’re introduced to Palindrome Android.
    01:47:51 – A listener shares an anecdote about Jesse Ventura. The gang ponders about what celebrity poop infusions they would want and why. Vince wonders why Jewish actors still take stage names, and Brendan ruins Bret’s night by revealing Johnny Knoxville’s real name.

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