Filmdrunk 127: Matt Ufford

This week we bring on Matt Ufford (SB Nation). We hear Bernie Goldberg’s latest smarmy interview, talk about Life of Pi, discuss horrible jobs we have all had, and learn how to NOT be ironic. DRUNK ON!

    00:04:23 – The guys talk about the Marlon Brando of digital monkeys, Andy Serkis, and how Gollums of the world have been misrepresented by him.
    00:06:20 – Matt Ufford, the godfather of Warming Glow and current vlogger of SB Nation, joins the Frotcast. What Are You Drinking? is played. The guys talk about Troll Tuesday, a recurring feature on SB Nation, and the NY Times article on living in irony. Vince and Matt play clips from Steve-O’s new karaoke show. Matt brings up an article where a man pretended his penis was a taser…or a taser was his penis.
    00:32:30 – Clips from the recent Bernie Goldberg feature on Real Sports get a listen where Goldberg asks the hard hitting questions on whether football makes people dumber. Vince talks about Life of Pi, which brings up the topic of adaptions, especially Watchmen. CGI tigers, Michael Bay, and the Elmo/Kevin Clash drama come up at some point.
    01:04:00 – The guys talk about some of the terrible jobs they’ve had, such as copywriting college loan brochures, working at Starbucks, being a bouncer, and writing questions about product placement on television shows. There’s a lot venting about the awful people they’ve had to deal with.
    01:34:20 – Time for some Big Lebowski talk, and a look at the Coen Brothers’ filmography. The discussion leads to concept Twitter personalities that do and do not succeed in their premise.
    01:48:41 – Ben gets around to talking about an terrible Hollywood job he had leading to a discussion about some of the worst people in the world (publicists and assistants). The guys are fascinated by the viral factor of some of the Key and Peele skits.
    02:02:56 – Matt concludes the longest running Frotcast of all time by answering some of your questions. You’ll get the lowdown on the cancellation of Corgi Friday.

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