Filmdrunk 120: Matt Ufford, Looper and Butt Chugging

This week, we bring on Matt Ufford to talk about the world wide phenomenon known as butt chugging, discuss Looper, we read listener questions (mostly about relationships) and have a grand ol time. Drunk on!

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    00:00:00 – Things kick off with Party Enema by NOFX introducing some butt chugging talk. The guys bring up the thought of butt chugging being part of the Presidential campaign platform, and get into some debate talk. Brendan does some impressions, and the guys go over the names of the Romney children. We hear about Microphone Mike Michaelson getting pulled back into duty. The guys set up the clip of the butt chugging press conference which involves the stereotypical Southern lawyer. Vince tells a tale about the drinking prowess of an Irishman.
    00:13:55 – Regular guest Matt Ufford joins the Frotcast for the playing of the butt chugging clip where the Southern lawyer repeatedly mentions “butt chugging.” Vince gets into the religious aspect of the story, and the guys question the state the accused was found in. Matt shares some fraternity stories from his time at Northwestern. They all come to the conclusion that the alleged “butt chugger” will become a legend within his fraternity.
    00:41:50 – The guys get into reviewing Looper, but before that can happen Brendan wants to talk about the trailers shown before the film and Hollywood’s treatment of bullies. Bret declares “street law” by taking Ben to task for his taste in films. The guys get into the review with talk of future drugs, the distraction of making JGL look like Bruce Willis, and accepting a SciFi premise for what it is. Matt brings up Rian Johnson’s debut, Brick, and is not having any time-travel talk.
    01:04:55 – SPOILER ALERT! Matt gets the ball rolling on the spoilers, there is something about Piper Perabo being topless, and Bret goes off on Ben.
    01:10:10 – Vince imagines his director’s cut version by adding some more scenes for Emily Blunt…and a pie. Looper reminds Matt of Face/Off, and the guys were pretty impressed with JGL’s impression of Willis. Matt gets some questions from the listeners dealing with wives getting fatter, jerking off in the shitter on base, and whether to wait for a girl or go traveling. Somehow hymen restoration and tank jerk were brought up. The guys get asked a movie question about what movie they didn’t like but thought would be improved with a different actor.
    01:35:22 – Ben has issues with the Cloud Atlas trailer, but Matt highly recommends the book and its author. Vince culminates his fantasy about Emily Blunt, and Vloggeraptor.

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