Filmdrunk 92: HOTT GOSS, Joe King Stand-Up

This week we get some Hot Goss from Burnsy, listen to some live comedy from Joe King and Pauly, discuss what Michael Bay is doing to the Ninja Turtles, get the ultimate Manswer, hear from the dumbest girl ever, and other nonsense as always.

    00:01:30 – Vince talks a little about his 3 Nights of Comedy tour over the past weekend.
    00:06:05 – Hot Goss with Burnsy has the latest NFL news on Alex Smith, celebrity deaths and pregnancy rumors, that kid from Minnesota asking adult actresses to the prom, Michael Bay’s tiger, and what Amanda Seyfried has in the trunk of her car. Burnsy also reveals a trait that he shares with Lady Gaga, and gives us some insight on inner workings of the Hot Goss factory.
    00:35:35 – Michael Bay has created a ruckus among TMNT fans for adding a new element to the heroes in a half shell, leading Cousin Oliver from the The Brady Bunch to cry “RAPE!” Bret has a story about nerd rage over Transformers on a Japanese art blog.
    00:47:56 – Brendan arrives.
    00:49:57 – Take a listen to some stand-up by Joe King (featuring Vince’s giggles) and Pauly Dangerously.
    01:07:51 – Vince plays the clip of the young lady who can’t quite figure out MPH. Manswers answers the age-old question of “Can you fart so hard your balls explode?”
    01:21:54 – Vince saw John Carter over the weekend, and despite its marketing failure he found it to be an entertaining sci-fi pulp movie. Ben gives us some of his favorite moments from the film. Brendan deals with a blind woman while waiting for the bus.

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